Factors Causing Refrigerator Cooling issue and Solution

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refrigerator has not been working correctly

You need to have a lot of things to get done with your household chores. In the meantime, there are things that provide you with leverage to do your jobs easily and get much comfort in your life. Having a refrigerator at home is obvious. Also, it takes a bit to use it properly.

Refrigerator is not cooling properly

Since last week, my refrigerator has not been working correctly. Though I am not a professional from all the symptoms, what I could infer is that, my refrigerator is not cooling correctly. Henceforth, I looked for ways to know the issues behind refrigerator cooling problems along with ways to fix them. Here, I am going to describe the same.

Before you consider something is wrong with the parts of your refrigerator and that you have to replace them, check the more obvious reason for which your refrigerator is not cooling properly.

If the stays on even after you shut the door then, it is assured that the cool air is going out through the door. There can be other problems with the seal like, there are slits in the seals.

Seals are not that expensive if you need to replace them and the installation procedure is pretty easy.


Issues with fan:

The fan directs the cooled air to different parts of the refrigerator. Mostly, exceedingly cold air stays at the freezer compartment area. Hence, other parts do not get that much cold air. That is why to direct air to the fridge section a simple fan is used.

If there is any kind of troubles in the fan, the cold air cannot move all around the whole compartment for which the fridge does not do cooling properly. There are some reasons for which fans cannot function properly. Sometimes, ice gets stuck in the blades of the fan.

To fix the problem, defrost the refrigerator. If the fan starts running afterward then you are in luck. If the fun does not work, then you have to replace it with a new one.

To get the correct model you have to know the model number. After you get the fan, locate where the previous one is installed. Usually, it stays behind a board at the back side of the freezer compartment.

While replacing the fan, make sure you have unplugged the refrigerator to assure that no electricity is passed through the wire. Unscrew the old motor along with the fan and install the new one.

Cooling components:

If it happens that, even after changing the fan your problem is not solved, then you might have a bigger problem. Often coils get clogged. To know for sure there is something wrong with the cooling unit, first, locate the place where the coolant is activated.

It is placed at the back of the refrigerator, and all you need to do is hover your hand over that area and try to feel if it is cooling down. If the coils are cooling, then the problem is something else. If you do not feel like it is cooling then go through the manual to get assured that you are examining the right area.

Besides, if you think there is something wrong with the cooling portion of the fridge, then it is better not to take an attempt to fix it. In this matter, consult with someone professional.

Vaporizing fan motor:

This motor disperses cool air into the unit. If it happens that your freezer is just fine but the refrigerator not cooling, then there is some sort of issues with the vaporizing fan motor. The fan needs to be checked if there is any kind of obstruction in it.

If the fan is too much noisy or there is not flowing accurately or after testing with a multi-meter if you find the motor does not have continuity in it then it needs to be replaced.

Condenser fan motor:

This part is also very essential to your refrigerator for circulating cool air. It needs to be examined as well as the way you do to the evaporator fan motor. You need to check the blade of the fan whether it got any kind of obstructions or not and make sure the motor has continuity.

Start relay:

If your start relay is defective, then it might bring about troubles with the refrigerator’s compressor that regulates refrigerant through the evaporator coils. You should check if it still has continuity and replaces it otherwise.

Along with the mentioned problems that a refrigerator can have, there are other issues that might take place which is not that common though. For instance, there are continuity issues with start capacitor, a thermostat which controls the temperature, problems with the temperature control board, main control board or compressor as well.

If you use and maintain your refrigerator in a proper manner, then there is least chance for your refrigerator to get faulty. For that, you need to follow some basic rules and regulations:

While operating:

•Store food in cold temperature that is below 40 degrees Fahrenheit.
•Try to clean up spills on a regular basis so that there is no growth of bacteria and other kinds of germs.
•Always go through the manufacturer’s instruction before installing your refrigerator.

While cleaning:

•Before you are about to clean, make sure the refrigerator is turned off.
•There should be enough ventilation while you are cleaning your refrigerator.
•Assure that, there is no residue left, and you have thoroughly cleaned the whole thing.


The refrigerator is an inevitable part of everyone’s home. Even if you are a minimalist who always seeks for owning least stuff, you need to have a refrigerator at your home. Since it runs on electricity and has mechanical functions, it is pretty ascertained that you will have troubles with your machine.

That is why it is necessary to know about what might happen to your refrigerator and ways to get rid of the troubles through taking some methodical approaches. If you end up not being able to solve the problem all by yourself, then it is better to consult with someone expert.